Krish Cubical

With an odyssey that started 29 years ago, we have a growth story that awaits your presence. Don't just see it, feel it with Krish Cubical, the most sought-after corporate address in town.

Savaliya Group and Real Estate understands the dynamic nature of designing. Working intricately on the entire lifecycle of Krish Cubical, we have curated an expansive office-space in one of India's most prosperous cities.

A magnificent landmark nestling in the city of Ahmedabad. Krish Cubical aims to bring about the needed change in the corporate arena. Designed with supreme luxury and conveniences. It seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with the finest aesthetics.

Savaliya Group envisions providing a rich and unique experience to its patrons. We aim to build a distinguished corporate realm. where you can work in peace. swathed within the world of luxury.