There exists an old persian saying written as follows:”If there be a heaven on this earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.” We at Savaliya Group aim to provide a paradise on this earth, an earthly paradise, mimicking the pristine perfection of the artificers of the heavenly worlds.

This was the dream of our group chairman Mr Kantibhai Savaliya many years ago in 1991, at a time when the economic liberalization was underway. Since then, more than 46 projects have been completed catering to commercial, residential and high end needs. Savaliya Group owes its existence to his pioneering efforts and his philosophy permeates in all that we do.

Shaped by his mentoring ways, we have always striven to understand our clients and their hopes and dreams of possessing their own home. A home constructed with beautiful memories and delightful experiences. Achieving trust, respect and adherence to values is difficult exercise in these economically competitive times, yet the simplicity of such values has long term consequences that we were given huge blessings in the form of satisfied clients. Their support and trust in us have carried us through difficult times of fluctuating real estate bubbles and loss making ventures.

We have also completed countless commercial projects which have provided an economic boost, wherever they are. The development of the Indian economy is inexorably linked with infrastructure and real estate growth and Savaliya Group is proud to have contributed to this growth.


With the completion of 46 projects since 1991, Savaliya Group has made its presence felt in the real estate sector. Everything we do, we owe it to our founder Mr Kantibhai Savaliya. His guidance has shaped our outlook towards the real estate and how we can best serve our customers. In the years to come, we hope to create new horizons of success.


We believe in values and ethics that shall form bedrock upon which all our endeavors are built.


  • Defining quality on a daily basis by adhering to best construction practices and compliance with ethical norms.
  • Scouting & choosing best locations, well connected to major transportation hubs, thus creating convenience for our customers.

Utilizing construction methods that don’t adversely impact the environment and which lead to construction of buildings, in accordance with the highest safety standards.

Our Vision

With a simple and clear vision, we wish to achieve the following:  


  • Creating joy & happiness in the lives of many, through quality projects.
  • To see ourselves as major contributors to the growth of real estate economy, providing opportunities to countless citizens.
  • To leave behind lasting monuments of our projects, standing tall with the passage of time.
Awards & Rankings

Our sincere work has continuously been recognized and appreciated with numerous awards of national and international repute. The awards that we have won speak for themselves and our constant dedication towards our work and nation.

Quality Standards

With 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certifications, Savaliya Group has taken a leap in the right direction. The values governing client satisfaction, quality-based management and a culture of progressive development within the company continue to guide us in our efforts to:


  • Provide the most applicable solutions to clients by assessing their needs and demands.
  • Conform to every valid standard within the context of project requirements, contract agreement conditions, country’s legal arrangements/laws etc.
  • Create efficient and effective management of company human resources that helps in realization of projects before set deadlines.
Social Responsibility

We realize our responsibilities as being engaged in construction works. Our desire to contribute to the society has given us power to take various initiatives related to environment improvement, education, healthcare and development programmes.

We believe it’s important to be part of the community in which we operate and to understand and be sympathetic to the economic, social and environmental impact we have on it.

Savaliya Builders has always been ahead of conserving our environment.

Community Development:

The world we live in is interconnected in multiple ways. Every activity we do leaves behind impact whose positive or negative consequences affect the lives of unknown many and conversely, affects us also in many indirect ways. Realizing this also makes us humbled to be a part of the society and the nation as whole. We help our local communities by taking up various initiatives related to healthcare and other developmental works.